Really good ramen in general, and Shinobi’s Tan Tan Men in particular, can take you in off the street when you’re cold, hungry and beaten-down, and leave you warmed, restored and even feeling a bit opiated.

Steam rising off the noodles

Sure ramen was always considered junk food, five packages for a dollar. But done right, it can be a great comfort food, especially in ill weather. In Korea, U.S. soldiers would trade their government issued meal packets for hot bowls of ramen. $1 extra would get you chicken, cheese or egg.

Tan Tan’s broth is meaty, hot and spicy. Topping the island of ramen (bean paste-based) is a thick layer of crunchy cabbage, itself topped with delicately minced pork and scallions.

Tan Tan Men

Shinobi’s address is 53 Morgan, though actually it’s on Grattan between Morgan and Bogart, across from the Pine Box.


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