A licensed professional, Doctor Coke is here to answer all your questions about the mouth beer. Doctor Coke gets a bottle of Hennessy from his dealer on each visit, that’s how much Doctor Coke means to his dealer. Doctor Coke is not a coke addict. Doctor Coke just likes the way coke smells. In New York City, coke is practically a trace element in the water supply. So ask your questions to Doctor Coke here.

Q: I heard from my friends that cocaine can give you a hangover. Is this true?

Your friends all have opinions about coke, I’m sure. Everyone has opinions. But do they have a Doctorate in Coke? No, they do not. I, on the other hand, AM a Doctor of Coke.

Cocaine is not like Molly, which wears down the serotonin receptors. That’s why you feel like shit the day after taking Molly, you’ve wore down your receptors for like a goddamn week. Coke doesn’t do that. Of course, a lot of time you have coke, you’re probably also drinking alcohol, vodka and soda, maybe. It’s not like anyone says, “I Need to paint my bedroom. Let’s do some cocaine.” You don’t do coke and decide to read a graphic novel. So if there is a hangover, it’s because of the alcohol.

Also, depends on the quality of the coke. Depends on what it is cut with. If its cut with crap, THAT will give you a hangover. Your crappy coke. Dr. Coke doesn’t have that problem.




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