Haha, so Puff Daddy’s about-to-be launched @RevoltTV trolled its pending viewership & world earlier today by sending out a Tweet alerting the world of a SECRET concert today by JZ, Beyonce and Justin Timberlake! At 421 Troutman Street, which, as you know, is a garage

“Jay Z. Secret Show. Right Now. 421 Troutman Street BK, NY. Special Guests said to be Beyonce, and Justin Timberlake,” Revolt trumpeted to its 31,000 followers.

While you might think, “Huh, why would Jay Z play in a GARAGE in BUSHWICK? And if he WAS, could I even get in?” and thereby conclude this notice may not be worth giving up the barstool to investigate, because you, Sir or Madam, are smarter than the average bear. But it looks like at least 200 people, according to Bushwick Daily estimates, take what they read on the TwitterGramz SERIOUSLY!

Enough people took the notice seriously, in fact, to show up and flashmob Troutman Street, and give all the extra cops who have been milling about the hood of late something useful to do for once:

“Hey! Jay-Z is playing a secret show way out in Bushwick,” friends waking up in the Upper West Side or Soho heatedly texted each other, and then schlumping it all the out on the L, believing it to be so because, you know, Twitter and BUSHWICK!

Once you evoke the attentions of NYPD’s finest, it’s probably time to reign your viral meme-ing skillz back in tho, which, tail twixt legs, is precisely what the about-be-launched cable network channel did….

A mea culpa, though one willfully ignorant of all the time and effort people took to get out to this strange industrial backwater of Brooklyn!

So, who started this rumor anyway? That remains a mystery. Apparently, Revolt got the info from an “exclusive” report from gossip site MediaFirst which posted word of this supposed free show on Friday (and hasn’t retracted it yet).

In any case, the newly-opened AP Cafe, conveniently located at 420 Troutman Street (Awesome address!), certainly benefited from all the sudden foot traffic:

Good thing they were fully stocked and staffed on what would have normally been a slow day…

Not to let all this mindless, directionless energy on Troutman go to waste, the ever-partyin’ Tandem, just two blocks up the street, reminded everyone that JayZ, Justin Timberlake and Beyonce would ALL be playing there tonight:

Specifically, DJ Will MyDick would be spinning JayZ et al…But at least you’ll have Frank Ocean serving you free Hennessy and cokes all night. So, that’s not bad, though its not true either. The part about Frank Ocean we mean…

Also, while you’re on your Troutman why not check out some of the bitchin’ street art of the #BushwickCollective:

(cover photo by @silviaarriola)

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