Did Ryan Gosling just visit Miles on Wilson and, subsequently, fail to tip his server adequately? Someone manning the controls of Miles’social media says Yes!

“Bye bye, Ryan Gosling and your lousy tip,” someone wrote earlier tonight on Twitter:


The Facebook link led to a page (now deleted) with the same gripe as the Tweet. Both were quickly expunged from the Internet’s memory banks.

If, in fact, Gosling did stop by to enjoy some of the Miles’s delectations (he appears to be around) and left but a diminutive tip, it would be rather ungracious indeed. What, he’s too big of a celebrity now to pay his own way? Or maybe the Mickey Mouse Club alumni just hasn’t heard that 25% is the new 20%. Get with it Gosling!

But a panel of bar room experts convening at the nearby Mazelle, wondered if, in fact, there was a reason for Mr. Gosling’s alleged stinginess. Was Mr. Gosling perhaps¬†unpleased with the service at Miles, somehow? Because no one ever complains about the service at Miles, they chortled with a drunken gusto.

Bonus Mystery! Why did Bill & Hillary come to dine at Roberta’s, besides to celebrate the birthday of a generous Democratic donor, that is?

Here’s a gratuitous “Hey Girl” …



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