GingerSocialFeb4Undaunted by bitter post-Nemo winds, the Bushwick Ginger Social Club set up camp at Brooklyn Fire Proof East  this past Saturday. The B.G.S. crew came prepared with their signature Whiskey & Fresh Ginger drink, which at $5 a pop, came flowing from the bar all night. Meanwhile Resident DJ’s, @sri_rao and @jonasahlen kept the beats grooving, and the crowd busting out their best dance moves, into the not-so-wee hours of the morning. @othatjo gives us a behind the scenes perspective via Instagram and Polaroid.


Pressing the Fresh Ginger Juice!

Bushwick Ginger Social, photo by @othatjo

Photo Feb 12, 7 26 34 PM

Photo Feb 09, 6 25 38 PM

Photo Feb 12, 7 30 48 PM


B.G.S. Working Hard on Tonight’s Set Up:

Bushwick Ginger Social, photo by @othatjo

Photo Feb 09, 6 47 36 PM

Photo Feb 09, 7 07 47 PM

Photo Feb 09, 6 53 09 PM


DJ Sri Rao Gets the Crowd Moving:

Bushwick Ginger Social photo by @othatjo





More Party Pix and Polaroids:



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