January 29, 2013: How to roll a blunt.

As musically explained by Redman:

“Purchase a philly, not the city of Philly
Silly punk, I’m talking ’bout the shit called the Philly blunt
Lick the blunt and then the Philly blunt middle you split
Don’t have a razor blade, use ya fuckin fingertips
Crack the bag and then you pour the whole bag in
Spread the ism around until the ism reach each end
Take your finger and your thumb from tip to tip
Roll it in a motion then the top piece you lick
Seal it, dry it wit ya lighter if ya gotta
The results, mmmmmmmm….proper”

(via Gawker)

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January 21, 2013: Dayum it’s cold outside

Song for a frosty day

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January 19, 2013: When you are young, oh when you are young

When you are young, you should have nothing more than fun. So when you are old, you’ll have a 1,000 stories to be told…

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January 18, 2013: Made of Baby Jesus…

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January 16, 2013: Why Mark E. Smith should cut an aerobics album


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January 14, 2013: “…And the knocking on my cranium reminds me of a travel drum”

I wonder if, deep in their hearts, Radiohead wishes they were as cool as the Beta Band…


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January 12, 2013: Tonight! Meet us in the ladies’ room!

Tonight, DJ Suzy Chase will be spinning 80s’ R&B at the Trophy Bar. Ask her to play “Meeting in the Ladies’ Room” for us, a perfectly dance-able amalgamation of 1984 funk, disco and new wave (!). We’ve always enjoyed some us Klymaxx…


DJ Suzy Chase

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January 11, 2013: Friday!

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January 10, 2013: Fats knew all about Josephine

“You used to live over yonder, by the railroad track.”
“When it rained you couldn’t walk. I used to tote you on my back.”
“Now you try to make believe, it was no days like that…”

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January 9, 2013: Return of the Thin White Duke

A lot of people are all abuzz over the new David Bowie single — his first in a decade! Though by “people,” we mean mostly “people over 40” because, really, Bowie hasn’t caught a decent groove since since 1983, if not — to be a stickler about it — 1980.

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January 8, 2013: A song to whistle during difficult moments

“I’m not here…This is not happening” — Radiohead, “How To Disappear Completely”

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January 7, 2013: What do you do with endangered species?

Shoot them with your Bop Gun!

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January 6, 2013: And speaking of a good education…

(via AstroGirl)

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1/03/2013: Ever fallen in love …

And now, straight from Swinging London 1978, The Buzzcocks ask the musical question….

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Space Age 8-Track

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