In our humble efforts to support local business — and to bar invading corporate chains — Bushwick Nation is encouraging local peops to stop in today, and buy some coffee, bagels or a juice at Three Angels By The Park.

Call it a CashMob, if you will.

Catercorner to Hernandez Park, at 65 Irving, Three Angels is run by Jerry Cronin, who bought this place — a former Italian barber shop — in 2006, and named it after his daughters. Not only does the shop serve coffee (roasted in Brooklyn) but also carries bagels, juices and fancy waters, and, on the weekends, muffins and turnovers.

Why do we adore this place so? Wick resident Kate S. was kind enough to email us a description of a recent visit:

Before my big end of Summer cleaning I decided to get powered up by some great coffee, and what’s better than to get all hyped up on caffeine AND support your local business? To kill two birds with one stone I decided to hang with Three Angels by the Park.

It’s a cute little shop on the corner of Irving and Starr in Bushwick. In addition to some great coffee, I received incredibly friendly service by the owner, who was very friendly and personable. I enjoyed my cup of Joe on a comfortable blue couch, while listening to some great records played on a vintage inspired record player (who doesn’t love the soothing crackling of a record at 11AM?!) There is also some impressive art work hanging on the walls that added on to the whole experience. They also have poetry readings there, which is great for those who love their literature local as well.

Also, Three Angels has a gorgeous backyard, Tanitan tells us.

Wouldn’t you rather work here this afternoon than in your dreary apartment? Answer: Yes!

“It is my office away from home,” she says. “It’s totally chill and unpretentious.”

Also, everybody who meets Jerry seems to like him immensely.

Photos by Kate S, Tanitan and Three Angels.

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