Bushwick: Have you walked safely home one night this week? If you work in the food/drink industry, have you served someone that got home safely this week? This is an URGENT matter.

I was at the town hall meeting that Doe Fund & Ready Willing Able called on Wednesday. NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio wants to put not 1, not 2 but FIFTY (50) LEVEL 2 and LEVEL 3 sex offenders in our neighborhood in a facility that doesn’t have the knowledge, experience to treat these people nor does this facility want to.

As a member of the bar industry here and a longtime member of this community that I love, I find this simply infuriating.

I feel as a community we should be up in arms about this. We make our money by serving people that walk home late at night and we, ourselves, often times walk home late at night as well. The thought that DeBlasio wants these people (at the last place they wanted to put them a staff member was violently raped) in our neighborhood (the fastest growth of people in their 20s & 30s in all of BK) is completely absurd and terrifying.

I just want to emphasize that they want to put these people in a facility not equipped to handle this type of criminal. The DOE Fund and Ready Willing and Able does exceptional work for ex-cons who committed crimes because of economic disadvantage not because of a psychological dysfunction (like sex offenders).

The facility is a five minute walk from Wyckoff & Troutman, btw.

Please sign the petition but also we need people to call DeBlasio’s office, Councilman Reynoso’s office and DHS office to make it clear that we will not tolerate this.

The way of politicians is if they don’t hear from the community, they assume the community doesn’t care:

Bill DeBlasio’s number: 212-788-3000
DeBlasio’s Facebook page:
DHS: 212-361-8000

Council member Antonio Reynoso: 718-963-3141
Reynoso’s Facebook page.


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