March 15, 2013: The secret of getting by…

Cigarettes and bad chardonnay

* * *

March 9, 2013: California Dreamin’

Bobby Womack’s version of “California Dreaming” just yearns for some warmth and sunshine…

* * *

March 8, 2013: And now, a song from the band who actually knew where Syd Barrett lived

We love how nothing about how this 1960s-esque jangy pop number about a “silly girl” is quite what it seems. It’s not really upbeat. It wasn’t recorded in the 1960s, and the subject of the song doesn’t seem like the silly one here. From the Television Personalities, who, infamously, knew where Syd Barrett lived.

* * *

March 1, 2013: Syd Barrett probably did have synesthesia, come to think of it

Brooklyn soopergroup SUPERCUTE! journey through the rock n’ roll past in “Love Love Leave Love.” The video was directed by Brooklyn’s Anna Li, whose multimedia show we featured last year

* * *

March 1, 2013: Day is done

All this talk about the once forgotten Rodriquez got us nostalgic for another once-obscure 1970s singer-songwriter, Nick Drake. Sometimes, there’s just too much beauty in the world to appreciate…

* * *

Space Age 8-Track

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