A message is making rounds that a number of women have been physically attacked in Bushwick recently. An unsigned message popped up on Facebook and elsewhere warning people to stay alert:

Update: The Gothamist has tracked down two of the victims. One was attacked in a parking lot by Roberta’s and the other victim was assaulted on Knickerbocker, near Dekalb. The perpetrator has been described as six feet tall with a laceration on his face.

So, use caution when traveling home at night. The Brooklyn Bike Patrol offers free escorts from subway stations and bars home (718-744-7592). Or, call a car service (Bushwick Car Service: 718-497-7148):   Trust us, no distance is too short to warrant a car, if you’re not in the best mind for walking home. We’ve called a car to take us two blocks home.

If you must walk, stick to well-lit streets, and walk in the center of the street if possible. Also, carry pepper spray and keep it in hand, ready:

(photo by othatjo)


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