(Hence commences a new column, “Words of Wisdom” authored by the one and only Wizard of Wyckoff, aka Evil Jesus. This week, a joke..)

“Bill is walking down the street. He sees his old high school bud Frank. They haven’t seen each other in 10 years. Frank’s got this giant orange head. He is driving a Rolls Royce and he has got this hot chick in his car. He’s got a nice suit on, he is looking good.

Bill goes ‘Frank!’ Frank goes ‘Bill!’

They’re like ‘Holy shit I haven’t seen you in a long time.’ ‘Yeah it’s been like 10 years.’

‘Yeah no shit…How ya doing?’ ‘It’s been good, yeah.’

‘Well, Frank you’ve been doing pretty good for yourself.’

Frank is like ‘Yeah, it’s been crazy. I found this lamp. I rubbed it. A genie came out, and he offered me three wishes.’

‘I wished for a shitload of money. So I got the Rolls Royce and the Armani suit.’

‘And then I asked for a beautiful woman to share my wealth with, my happiness. So that is Rhonda here.’

And then Bill was like ‘What was your third wish?’

And Frank was like ‘You know I really fucked up on my third wish. I wished for this enormous orange head.'”

(Tune in next week for the next installment of Words of Wisdom, from the Wizard of Wyckoff...)

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One Response to Words of Wisdom, from the Wizard of Wyckoff

  1. Evil Jesus says:

    That’s not even a joke. It just doesn’t resonate within the realm of rational thought.